Digital Convergence solutions

Operational procedures

Consulting and Coaching

To set up your IT and telecommunications processes and your security guidelines.

A company needs to put in place the most appropriate and efficient IT and telecommunication infrastructure. Our consulting services will allow you to optimize your costs and uncompromise services quality.
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In setting up a computer infrastructure and related operational procedures, it is important to take into account the security parameters. In most hacking cases, human behavior may have contributed. Digital Convergence Solutions can help you to put in place appropriate operational processes and IT guidelines.
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IT and telecommunications networks

Consulting, Coaching Integration and tests

For the development, implementation and test of your IT and telecommunications infrastructure, we can deliver a turnkey architecture adapted to your operational needs.

Once your operational needs are identified, we will develop and propose the most appropriate infrastructure. We will establish a budget for the implementation.
The architecture development, Integration and tests section of the Services page will give you more details.

A network migration can be complex; especially if the new features need to be implemented in an operational infrastructure. To minimize the consequences of such migration, it must be planned carefully and professionally.
Our services page and more specifically the Integration section is describing in more details the Digital Convergence Solutions offering.

After a migration, Digital Convergence Solutions will develop and execute the necessary tests to guarantee the proper functioning of your infrastructure. Our regression tests, will check that the new services are not impacting the fonctionalities of the existing features. This will ensure the compliance with the specifications.
The testing procedure section on the services page will give you more details.


Consulting, Coaching, Integration and Tests

For a company, the data collected are key elements for the business. Therefore, appropriate procedures must be deployed to secure them. A Cloud architecture can be the solution. Our services will assist you in choosing the type of cloud to set up, develop, déploy and finally plan and execute the necessary test scenarios.

The cloud can be used for the following types of services:

  • A virtual PBX service is offered by most of the operators. This service can replace the real PBX.
  • A virtual server service: the hardware is virtualized on a machine and all feature are centralised. the bellow architectures can coexist.
    • Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS).
    • Platform as a Service(PaaS)
    • Software as a Service(SaaS)

To determine the most appropriate cloud architecture for your business, our Audit, Consulting and architectural development services offering will meet your needs.

Whether for the integration or deployment of new cloud features: PBX or virtual servers, our Integration and Tests services offering will meet your needs.

In order to validate the features introduced by a migration, we plan, develop and execute the necessary tests.
For more details, please see our Testing procedures section.


Consulting and Coaching

With the emergence of Industry 4.0, marketing and communication strategies are evolving. Through the infrastructure, it is necessary to put in place adequate communication and marketing tools like teleconferencing tools and databases (CRM)).

You must organize an event by teleconference. We are here to help you develop and deploy the architecture that best meets your needs.
our services will enable you to develop, deploy and test such an infrastructure.

With digital marketing, it is essential to store the data of the users of the WEB; We can support you in choosing and deploying the CRM solution that best suits your needs.
Our architectural development, integration and testing services offering have been developed for your needs.