Digital convergence solutions

Audit and Consulting

Independently if you are a startup or an established company, we are able to develop and deploy a customized infrastructure to meet your needs. We will develop the business specification, optimizing the functionality of your architecture to your business model and plan. This will give you a quick return on your investment.
The information technology security is technically overcome. Professionals are recognizing that human behavior generates most of the risks. With our consulting offering, you will be able to adapt your operational procedures, while preserving your efficiency as well as the security of your network and your data.
Our services will allow you to

  • Optimize your costs, uncompromising quality.
  • Adjust your IT and telecommunications processes to your operational procedures
  • Auditing your ERP and CRM.
  • Choose the ERP and CRM that best suits your needs.
  • Set up and manage your project.

Through this service, we leverage the following skills: Business Analyst, Project Management and Product Management.

Architecture Development

Our skills allow us to develop a complete architecture integrating Internet services and voice. We will help you to define an optimal architecture for your network. This will optimize the costs of your infrastructure.
Our services include:

  • Development of a network architecture that meets your operational needs.
  • Development of an architecture optimizing the costs.
  • Development of a network architecture taking in account the strongest security requirements.
Our technical, Project Management and Product Management skills allow us to develop the architecture of your infrastructure.

Integration of equipments and systems

The introduction of new features and new IT services imply a migration. A maintenance window will have to be defined in such a way to limit the impact on the business. We can take care of:

Execution of Test procedures.

Before putting new services into production, a test strategy has to be defined. It will guarantee that the implemented features will not negatively impact the business.
Our services are.

  • Definition of the scope of the tests.
  • Development and implementation of the test environment.
  • Definition and execution of tests scenarios.
  • Commissioning and monitoring of new features.


Our broad palette skills allow us to provide the following trainings:

  • Operational IT
    • Computer tools
    • Social networks
    • Security
  • Infrastructure
    • Telecommunications
    • Information Technologies(IT)
  • Cloud
    • Cloud types
    • Data security
  • Services Providers
    • Choosing a services provider
    • Integration of services
  • Messaging and contacts
    • Messaging tools
    • Electronics mailing tools
    • Contacts management and synchronisation
  • Systems availability
    • Availability policy
    • Redondancy
    • Crash Procedures


Audit, Consulting, Architecture Development, Integration and Testing of Systems and Services

To optimize your costs, all our mandates will start with an audit of your infrastructure. This audit will contain an infrastructure inventory, advices and recommendations.
Our price model is as follows:

  • Hourly rate: 150 CHF.-/Hours
  • Daily rate: 1000 CHF.-/Day
  • Weekly rate 4000 CHF.-/Week
  • For longer terms mandate, a flat rate will be established

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